For joining the Association pour l’Avancement des études iraniennes, the Membership form needs to be endorsed by two members of the A.A.E.I. If the Board accepts the new member, membership fees are due for the current year.

›››››› Membership application form (pdf)

Membership fee
There are the following options:
without a subscription to Studia Iranica

    ▪ ordinary member: 10 euros
    ▪ student member: 2 euros
    ▪ donor member: 15 euros
    ▪ benefactor member: 150 euros

with a subscription to Studia Iranica (current year)

    ▪ ordinary member: 50 euros
    ▪ student member: 42 euros
    ▪ donor member: 55 euros
    ▪ benefactor member and institutions: 190 euros

Membership payment

›››››› Membership payment document (pdf)
Please complete the pdf document and send it with your payment to:

Mme Rika Gyselen
13 rue du Fond Garant
91440 Bures-sur-Yvette – France
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