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The main purpose of the Association pour l’Avancement des études iraniennes is to produce scientific and pedagogical works (articles, monographs, anthologies, conference volumes and other edited volumes) to advance knowledge in the field of Iranian studies. The Association manages the editing of such books for further publication.
In terms of historical perspective, the spectrum extends from Antiquity to the contemporary period; it covers several disciplinary fields in social and human sciences (history, linguistics, philology, archaeology, epigraphy, sigillography, religious history, history of sciences, literature, etc.). Geographically, the “Iranian world” is understood as extending from the Eastern Mediterranean over Mesopotamia and Iran to Afghanistan and Central Asia, the Persian Gulf and the shores of the Indian Ocean, including relevant neighbouring areas.

The Statutes
Click here for the Statutes of the Association pour l’Avancement des études iraniennes (Association defined by the law-decree of April 12, 1939, and the decree of June 1st, 1939).