Dâdestân î dênîg. Part I / transcription, translation and commentary by M. Jaafari-Dehaghi
Paris, A.A.E.I., 1998.
Relié, 296 p. ISBN 2-910640-07-8.

The Pahlavi book entitled Dâdestân î Dênîg or “Religious Judgements” was composed in the ninth century A.C. by the high priest Manu·cihr (the brother of Zâdspram, whose “Anthology” has already been published in this series as Cahier 13). Cast in the traditional form of questions and answers, the Dâdestân î Dênîg discusses a great variety of religious, social and legal topics, illuminating many aspects of Zoroastrian tradition and life during the early Islamic period. The first forty chapters of this important Pahlavi text are presented here for the first time in a modern edition and translation.