Le cinquième livre du Dênkard / transcription, traduction et commentaire par J. Amouzgar et . Tafazzoli
Paris, A.A.E.I., 2000. Relié, 171 p. ISBN 2-910640-09-4.

The Dênkard is a “theological compendium”, written in the 9th century A.D. by some compilers using ancient data from the Sasanian period (3th-7th century A.D.). This work is divided into nine books, but the two first are lost. The third one was translated in French by J. de Menasce (Paris, 1973), and the sixth in English by S. Shaked (Boulder CO., 1979). The fifth book published here for the first time is a critical edition by the late A. Tafazzoli, who tragically passed away in 1997, and by professor J. Amouzgar who had to finish the work alone. Less philosophical than the book III, this book V is nevertheless a mine of informations on Mazdean cosmogony, legends on Zoroaster, eschatology, ritual and purity laws, etc. in the literary form of ‘Questions and Answers’.